Amazon Kindle Fire Review: Why Amazon Kindle is so Successful?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one of the most latest e-Reader models offered by Amazon.

The Kindle Fire eBook Reader (or e-Reader) tablet is well designed, offers instant access to Amazon electronic book store and also doubles as a tablet PC. It offers all the main functions found on a tablet PC but removes the least used functions to keep the price-point at a range that is accessible to everyone. One of the reasons why the Amazon Kindles are so popular is because of the easy and instant access to Amazon’s content library with over 18 million eBooks, songs, movies and TV shows, as well as access to Android applications.

There are many competitor e-Reader/tablets, for example – the Apple iPad 2 and the Barnes & Noble Nook. All are comparable tablet e-Readers but only one offers the product at an incredible low cost of only $199 and that is the Amazon Kindle Fire.

In addition, Kindle users can borrow books from Amazon’s “Lending Library”, a program offered where Amazon Prime users can borrow one title per month from their large selection of books. In addition, the Kindle can be used to borrow Kindle books from their local public library, which broadens the already large selection of books available to Kindle users.

Kindle Fire FREE Apps

Amazon offers many applications! One of which enables you to sync the content you read on your Kindle Fire with your PC, Mac, iPad, Blackberry and Android phone. The Kindle Fire is shipped with the “Whispersync” application, the program ensures that all annotations and highlights that you made while reading you content on your Kindle Fire is synced up on your home PC so you can continue reading there. The reverse also applies. You can begin reading on your PC and continue on your Kindle Fire with the “Free Kindle for PC application”. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds.

Some other Free Apps for your Kindle include:

  • Angry Birds, a popular puzzle game
  • Pandora, an online radio so you can enjoy music on you Kindle Fire
  • Alarm Clock Xtreme, an alarm clock that allows you to set an unlimited number of times each with a different snooze setting
  • Amazon Price Check, a price checker application that allows you to continually check the price of books and other Amazon items and compare them to the retail store prices
  • Wikidroid for Wikipedia, this application pulls information from Wikipedia and formats them so that they are easy to read on the Kindle Fire
  • Hulu Plus and Netflix, are applications that allow streaming of movies and television shows directly onto your Kindle Fire. The application is FREE, however Hulu Plus and Netflix charges a month fee for this service. Kindle Fire users with Amazon’s Prime services get one month free. Most important – Amazon offers support for streaming for both Hulu Plus and Netflix.
  • Friendcaster for Facebook, an application that allows you to upload photos, video, access email notifications as you would on the PC version of Facebook.

Unlimited FREE Cloud Storage

The Amazon Cloud storage allows you to store an unlimited amount of Amazon files that you buy from Amazon on the Amazon’s servers and access them by any computer with an Internet connection for FREE. For any non-Amazon files you get 5 GB of storage space FREE to place anything you want. To increase the size of the storage space for non-Amazon files it costs only $1 per additional 1GB per year. The amazing thing about this feature is that you can store anything on Amazon’s Cloud then access them on your Kindle Fire, home PC, work PC or anywhere else.

Light Weight, Small and Portable Battery Life

The Amazon Kindle Fire is extremely well constructed and runs on Google’s Android mobile OS, weighs 14.6 ounces and features a 1024 X 600, 7-inch display. The display is very resistant to damage/cracks/scratches and is also crisp and clear. It’s both lightweight and portable with a solid design. It’s not heavy and you won’t feel a strain when you are holding it for extended periods of time. It uses a 1GHz dual-core processor and has 8 GB of memory with a battery life of 8 hours of continuous reading.

Low Cost

The Kindle Fire is gaining popularity among the tablet market, primarily due to the extremely low cost for the low-end consumer segment. The low-end buyers are focused primarily on spending less than $250 and the Kindle Fire fits perfectly into that price range. At $199, the Kindle Fire this is significantly lower than the cost of the Apple iPad 2 that ranges from $499 – $829 depending on the 16 – 64 GB capacity and 3G capability.

Cons: Built-in storage too small, no camera for Skype /Chat

If you’re looking for a tablet PC with all the premium features such as 3G wireless connectivity, camera, microphone, GPS, location services and a gyroscope then the Kindle Fire is not for you. For these features, you will have to go for a high end $500 plus tablet. The Kindle Fire has internal speakers but doesn’t have a camera nor microphone/aural input, which means that you won’t be able to take any pictures with the device or use any video chat applications such Skype.

The biggest issue is the measly storage capacity which happens to be only 8GB of storage — with no expansion slot. I’m guessing that during design the Cloud Technology played a role in this decision since storing everything you buy from Amazon can be stored in the Amazon Cloud for FREE. The device lacks Bluetooth, a quad core processor and only has 512MB of RAM4. Increasing it to 4GB of RAM would’ve been nice in addition to some parental controls. The Kindle Fire only comes in Wi-Fi models, there is no 3G Connectivity. There is no perpetual connectivity when you leave the Wi-Fi hotspot. Some of the more unique features of the Amazon Kindle Fire can only be taken advantage of if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is best for those that want a tablet PC that features the core functions and removes the least used functions are included in pricier tablet PCs like the iPad 2. Including any of these functions would have made the Kindle Fire unaffordable to most of us.

Amazon focus on the key functions of a tablet PC has allowed Amazon to offer the Kindle Fire at an incredible price-point of only $199. If you’ve always wanted to get a tablet PC but couldn’t afford something like the iPad 2, the Amazon Kindle Fire is the tablet PC for you.

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