Why Buy a Refurbished iPhone vs a Brand New iPhone?

Buying a refurbished iPhone is probably the smartest and least expensive ways to get an iPhone. Refurbished iPhones are literally like a brand-new iPhone that you would normally pay more for…

There are also many places where you can buy them online – the Apple online store, your cell phone service providers’ website (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc) and in addition – make sure to keep your eyes open for online promotions from cell phone stores and auction bidding websites – there are always discounted special deals and cheap bids on refurbished iPhones, smartphones and other devices.

Refurbished iPhone vs a Brand New iPhone

You might be a bit wary about getting a refurbished cell phone. However, you should not be concerned. A Refurbished iPhone comes with at least a 90 day warranty and may be longer, depending on the original purchase time of the used iPhone that you get. Also, all refurbished iPhones are checked, restored to factory conditions and configured with the latest iPhone OS, so they are just as ready to go as any brand new phone.

Sometimes – the only thing that you might see are light scratches and cosmetic blemishes – no different than the kind you’d probably do to the used phone in your first couple of weeks owning one. For half the price of a new phone, these cosmetic blemishes on a used phone are things that you’ll never notice and nothing that a good screen protector and external case wouldn’t hide anyway.

Refurbished iPhone at Cheap Prices

Special deals on a refurbished 16GB iPhone 4 is available from AT&T through their website for $99, but the steal is the 8 GB iPhone 3GS for $9. That’s less than $10 for the best brand of smartphones in the industry! Of course, if you want more memory, you need the iPhone 4 with 16GB for $99 or the 32 GB iPhone 4 for $199.

If you are concerned about the phone hardware failing while you’re using it, you should buy an AppleCare service plan. For an additional $69, you get the peace of mind that anything wrong with the phone for up to two years (from the initial date of purchase of the phone) will be fixed by Apple. However, this does not cover accidental or intentional damage, nor does it cover if your refurbished iPhone is lost or stolen. If you consider that the AppleCare only covers hardware issues such as manufacturing defects, it doesn’t sound like such a great deal.

Keep in mind that you will be required to commit to a two-year contract with AT&T (Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile) when you get a refurbished or new iPhone. Also, you need to purchase one of the three data plans. For AT&T, the 200 MB plan is $15 per month, the 2 GB plan is $25 per month and the 4GB plan is $45 per month. For Verizon, the data plans cost $30/50/80 for 2GB/5GB/10GB respectively. Unless you’re going to be a heavy data user on your refurbished iPhone, the 2GB plan is a great place to start. You should also consider that the refurbished iPhone has WiFi capabilities. So, if you have a WiFi network at home and work, you’ll actually use much less of the data plan on your refurbished iPhone than you think you will.

You can purchase an iPhone without a contract, but you might end up paying much more. Don’t think that you can go to AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile and get a deal on an iPhone, new or refurbished, without a two year contract (check more details on their website). That just doesn’t happen. However, if you have a contract, and your iPhone is lost or stolen or destroyed, you can get another one, but you have to pay the full price – $475 for the iPhone 3GS and $750 for the iPhone 4.

Verizon has refurbished iPhones on sale, but they only have the iPhone 4 (the 3GS was never made with a chipset to connect to Verizon’s network). The 16 GB refurbished iPhone 4 for Verizon is $149.99 and the 32 GB refurbished iPhone is $229.99. So, if you’re thinking of going to Best Buy or the Apple Store or even on Amazon, you’re unlikely to be able to get a refurbished iPhone that way.

Pricing and availability on the refurbished iPhones changes from time to time, but the price generally goes down over time rather than up. When the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 comes out (whenever it does), you can bet there will be a lot of refurbished iPhone 4’s available. I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T, Sprint or Verizon have refurbished iPhone 4’s on sale for $49 or lower at some point.

Buying a refurbished Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 (when its released) is a great idea for saving money. The refurbished phone is just as fast and works just as well as any brand new iPhone that you will buy. Do not bother getting an iPhone 3G (the model before the 3GS). It’s too slow, even on the 3G network.

Again – make sure to keep your eye open for special online promotions for refurbished iPhones – the cheap prices on some of these deals are just unbelievable – usually because they are overstocked or the new models of iPhones are being released. But keep in mind that the refurbished iPhones are just as good as brand new iPhones and you are getting a great deal!


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