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Buy Amazon Gift Cards Online – Send it Immediately by E-Mail or Facebook, Ship it Fast (FREE One-Day Shipping) with a Greeting Card or Print At Home. Redeem Gift Cards Towards Anything Store-wide… and it Never Expires!

Amazon Gift Card is a very convenient way to pre-pay for the perfect gift for your children, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, or even your mother in law. It can be very nerve-wracking trying to find a gift for a wide range of occasions but with the gift card there’s no easier way to shop online for someone. When you give someone an amazon gift card, you are basically; putting down cash onto the card and that card can then be redeemed store-wide by the person you give the gift card to and it never expires. They shop at the world’s largest and trusted e-store at website from the comfort of their own homes and purchase the perfect gift for themselves! It is a fantastic method of gift giving.

$10 – $2,000 – In a Greeting Card (Free One-Day Shipping) Gift Cards are available in a variety of designs like Generic, Thank You, Anniversary, Kindle, MP3, Chanukah, Christmas Nativity, Birthday Balloons, Birthday Birds, Snowboard, Christmas Tree, Winter, Baby, Digital, Wedding, For Dad, For Mom, Get well soon, and Love designs. There is a specialized design available for each and every occasion and these are just a few of the fabulous designs that can be placed on the Amazon gift cards. The total amount of each gift card can be between $10.00 – $2,000.00 and arrive the next day in a FREE gift box with the FREE One-Day Shipping.

$50 – $250 – In a Gift Box – (Free One-Day Shipping)

The Amazon gift card isn’t only applicable for individual gift giving but also can be used for gift giving in a business setting. As part of a company’s reward program, gift card incentives help improve the performance of people through employee recognition. Orders of up to 400 gift cards can be purchased with a total amount order of $10,000. The denominations of the amazon gift card can be in any of the following denominations: $10, $15, $25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $50, $60, $75, $100.

In addition, there is the ability to customize the amazon gift card with a personal or corporate photo or even have an Amazon generic one, like the ever so popular Amazon Kindle Gift Card, which can also be used, not only to purchase an Amazon Kindle but to purchase anything from the website, including the new Kindle Fire Tablet. Also, there is no need to give away the gift cards immediately, Amazon gift cards can be scheduled up to 1 year in advance. This means that you would be able to purchase the gift card now and deliver it to a recipient at a later time, up to a year later.

To purchase an Amazon gift card – simply go to the website and choose one of 4 methods to send your gift card electronically, which can either be via e-mail, Facebook wall post, print at home or Free One-day Shipping of a physical gift card. All Amazon gift cards never expire, which is a very important factor. There are some gift cards in the industry that expire leaving the card holder with a worthless gift card. They also do not carry any fees and can be shipped to the recipient for FREE. See below for more details on types of delivery methods.



Mail Amazon Gift Cards in a Greeting Card or Gift Box (FREE One-Day Shipping)

Amazon Gift Cards can be purchased at and sent to the recipient by mail
. This option is available with FREE One-Day Shipping with the physical gift card delivered either in a greeting card or in a gift box. The greeting card is packed and sealed in a 5 X 7 inch envelop with a personal message added by the sender. Each card will include a select design and denomination $10 to $2,000.




E-mail Amazon Gift Cards Or Print-at-Home Amazon Gift Cards

Both the E-mail Amazon gift cards and Print at home Amazon Gift Card methods allows the sender to purchase the gift cards online and give the gift card to someone almost immediately. The E-mail option allows the sender to have the gift card emailed to the recipient directly (or scheduled up to a year in advance) from while the Print-at-Home option allows the sender to print the gift card at home or office computer and give it to the intended recipient in person or forward it to someone else as a gift. The E-mail and Print-at-Home gift cards will include the amount, claim code, terms and conditions as well as instructions on how to redeem the amount gifted to them. If you are using the E-mail option, you may want to notify your intended recipient to check the spam folder if they haven’t received the gift card within 15 minutes of purchasing it. One good thing about these 2 options is that if you lose the original print out, simply reprint the details of the Gift Card to begin using it.


Facebook Amazon Gift Cards

The Facebook Amazon gift cards are a method of sending gift cards to recipients via posting it on your friend’s Facebook Wall on the delivery date entered during purchase. The sender of a Facebook Amazon Gift Card can opt to send the card with a message that is only visible to the intended recipient or visible to anyone who is a friend of the recipient. However, the only person who can see the gift card amount and the amount, claim code, terms and conditions as well as instructions on how to redeem the amount gifted to them is the recipient. For this to work, Amazon needs access to your friends’ names and birthdays and a connection with Facebook. Your personal Amazon data will remain private and will not be shared with Facebook.

$50 – $250 – In a Gift Box (Free One-Day Shipping)

$10 – $2,000 – In a Greeting Card (Free One-Day Shipping)

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